About MOOR Skin & Body Care

Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care is luxury anti-aging skin care that offers women a dynamic, repair, and renewal approach to skin aging. The Neydharting Moor is certified and licensed by the Austrian Ministry of Health   as healing. Our Neydharting Moor products are formulated with proprietary Peat & Peat Water taken directly from the protected Neydharting Moor in Austria. Our proprietary advantage to skin, we blend our healing Peat & Peat Water together with powerful peptides and concentrated age-fighting complexes to address all the visible signs of aging in an unprecedented way. With over 300 validated anti-aging properties and benefits, Neydharting Moor is proven to amplify the benefits of other anti-aging ingredients, deepening their effects on the skin to produce even more beneficial results. Neydharting Moor’s proprietary formulations visibly transform the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight aging on a cellular level, deliver intense hydration and leave skin noticeably smooth, radiant and more youthful.


30,000 years ago, as the Ice Age receded and the continents emerged, a lake was formed in Austria.  Over the years, ice and water swept into this lake filling it with hundreds of herbs, botanicals, flowers and reeds.  Closed off from the outside world, this rich body of water eventually transformed itself into Neydharting Moor.

As early as 800 B.C. the Celts discovered the Moor’s magic.  They drank and soaked in the waters – using the black mud as a medicine that was believed to have miraculous healing powers.  In 1525 Paracelsus – the famous pioneer of chemistry and modern medicine – believed that he had found in this Moor the ‘Quinta Essentia’: the five essential elements  that remedy illness and engender health.  The Moor’s mud came to be prized as a beauty therapy and European nobility built villas and spas on its shores.  Louis XIV, Napolean and Josephine all became Moor devotees, indulging in its precious gifts.

By the 18th century the spas or ‘cure houses’ at Neydharting Moor had become so popular that other spas began springing up throughout Europe .  But, imitation was impossible.  Nothing on Earth could compare to the geophysical phenomenon known as the Neydharting Moor.